Wollongong City Denture Clinic
Full Denture 
Full dentures are worn by patients who are missing all of their teeth, either on their upper, lower or both of their jaws. They are made from a plastic material and can be designed with your choice of tooth shape and colour.
Partial Denture
A partial denture can replace teeth either on the upper or lower jaw. This helps to maintain the integrity of the remaining teeth, as well as improving ones appearance and their ability to eat. 
A partial denture can be made out of acrylic, metal alloys or flexible materials, all of which have specific suitabilities. 
Implant Retained Dentures
Implant retained dentures often provide greater stability and comfort for the denture wearer. The implants need to be surgically fitted to the patient by a dentist or oral surgeon/specialist, after which dentures can be constructed which attach to the implants to aid in retention.  
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